De-stress you Holidays with a trip to your spa!

Five Reasons to Get a Massage during the Holiday Season

Tranquil Vibe Day Spa-Bloomington-Indiana-Christmas Massage

Don’t stress over the holiday’s give the gift of relaxation!

I ran across this great little article about how massage therapy can help get rid of holiday stress and knew that I needed to share this with you!  The first thing that came to my mind was Black Friday and that giant whirlwind that goes with it!  Then I thought about all the traveling that people do, or even worse, all the cleaning that is done with the expectation that you are going to have a lot of visitors in your house.  Whatever your plans are for the holidays, just remember to be thankful for everything that you do have and for the people that are in your lives.  Yeah, I know, sometimes that perspective gets skewed a little, stress does that.  Don’t let stress bring your holidays down, make sure you take some time out to de-stress with a massage, so, enjoy the article and then plan some me time!

Massage for Holiday Stress! Article by Candice Reimholz

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