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Halotherapy, also known as Salt Micro-Therapy, is a very beneficial and non invasive way to help with many breathing/lung issues!  If you have ever had Sinus, Allergy or Asthma issues, Dry Salt Therapy may be a great option for you!

If you have had anything on the following list, then you might find some benefit from Salt Therapy:
Allergies, asthma, bronchitis, bronchial infections, chronic ENT illnesses, cold, flu, cystic fibrosis, dermatitis, ear infections, eczema, emphysema, psoriasis, pneumonia, rhinitis, sinus infections, smoker’s cough, snoring, stress, and fatigue, wheezing, insomnia, and more…

30 Minute Salt Therapy Session: $25
30 Minute Couples Salt Session: $45

What is Salt Therapy? Check out this article on WebMD!

Modern salt therapy has its origins in the salt mines of Eastern Europe.

In 1843, Polish physician Dr Felix Boczkowski discovered that poeple working in the salt mines at Wieliczka suffered fewer respiratory problems than the general population.

He attributed this to the salt aerosols being inhaled by the miners in the underground environment. As the workers were mining the salt (through chiseling, grinding and hammering at the salt), micro-sized salt particles were being disbursed into the air.

During World War II, the Klutert salt caves in the German town of Ennepetal were used as shelter against heavy bombing. People remained in the caves for prolonged periods, breathing in the salt dust. German physician Dr. K.H. Spannahel noticed that those who had taken shelter in the salt mines appeared to have experienced relief from their respiratory problems.

The use of salt mines for therapeutic purposes developed in many countries including Poland, Belarus, Romania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

In 1980, the Odessa Science Research Institute in Ukraine developed the first Halotherapy device. The machine replicated the grinding and crushing of salt and dispersion of the particles into the air to model the conditions of an underground salt mine.

Thus, modern salt therapy (or ‘Halotherapy’) was born.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Halotherapy began emerging outside eastern Europe and is now gaining popularity across the western world as a complimentary therapy to aid respiratory and skin conditions, athletic performance and general health and well being.                                           ___________________________________________________________

Halotherapy uses a generator that grinds heated pure grade sodium chloride into very tiny micro-particles.  A fine aerosol mist is dispersed into the salt cabin during your session. Dry salt is super absorbent. Because the microscopic salt particles get deep into the respiratory system as well as into the skin, the dry salt reduces inflammation, absorbs excess mucous, allergens and foreign elements in the respiratory system, opens constricted airways and kills the spreading of bacteria and viruses. While salt lamps and walls are pretty, they do not have any therapeutic value. Salt must be ground into micro particles and disbursed into the air to be beneficial.

Salt therapy may produce a slight skin irritation in some individuals that will disappear after a few sessions. Some people will experience a mild salt taste on their lips, similar to being by the ocean. Others may experience a mild throat tickle, which can be easily treated by sipping warm water after the session.

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