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No other substance on Earth can match the healing properties and restorative powers of water. For untold generations, people have recognized water as a natural medicine, one that can ease the body and calm the spirit. Hydrotherapy harnesses the life-giving power of water and uses it to provide relief and comfort to those who suffer from all manner of aches and pains. Our Bloomington Indiana hydrotherapy services allow you to relax in a custom designed hydrotherapy tub while over 40 streams of heated water and air relax your body, soothe your muscles and de-stress your mind.

Hydrotherapy services are 30 minutes in length, but the benefit of deep relaxation will last for hours and hours. Each Hydrotherapy session is for one individual only.  Your session will consist of 20 minutes of active jets and approximately 10 minutes of soaking and relaxing.

Tranquil Waters  30 minutes $45
Soak yourself in serenity to relax and restore your mind and body.

Aromatherapy Bath  30 minutes $55
A unique bath infused with your choice of essential oils.

Healing Waters Sea Salt Bath  30 minutes $55
Recreate the medicinal thermal waters of the ancient sea by soaking in this wonderful blend of natural potassium, magnesium, and other calming sea minerals. This wonderful blend helps release work-worn muscles from the distress of inflammation and stiffness while pampering your body with enduring moisture.

Sally M. on Trip Advisor says,“Very relaxing….The jets in the tub are phenomenal–changing direction every few minutes, and the water color changed continuously (special lighting), which resulted in wonderful relaxation….”


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We are located at 383 South Park Ridge Rd., Suite 101.  the intersection of South Park Ridge Rd. and Hagan St., right next to Mr Hibachi.