Massage, Stress Relief, Sore Muscles, Lower Back Pain, Anxiety

Hydromassage® services at Tranquil Vibe Day Spa

Our Hydromassage® bed is simply the best. You lie down on top of the hydromassage® bed and press start on the touch screen. You will then feel the sensation of relaxing heat as it travels throughout your body and the water jets knead out the tension from within your body. The warmth, serenity and relaxation allow you to release all the built up stress and anxiety from the day.

The perfect massage is at your fingertips as the interactive touchscreen allows you to control your own massage. You can easily adjust the speed of the jets, the area covered, and the desired level of the pressure.

The hydromassage® bed will deliver a relaxing massage in as little as twenty minutes.

10 Min. Hydromassage Session – $15
20 Min. Hydromassage Session – $25

30 Min. Hydromassage Session – $35

This service is listed under the Hydrotherapy tab for online booking.

Benefits Include:

– Relief from minor aches and pains –

– Deep relaxation and a sense of well-being –

– Increased blood circulation –

– Relieves stress and anxiety –

– Reduced muscle soreness, stiffness and tension –

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