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Massage Therapy, Relaxation Massage, Couples Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Integrative Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone Massage.

Massage Therapy is a proven form of relaxation that decreases stress, anxiety and fatigue. Stress has been proven time and time again to be detrimental to both physical and mental well being. Therapeutic Massage has also been proven to increase circulation, improve concentration, decrease workplace stress, enhance sleep quality, speed up workout recovery, boost the immune system, increase joint flexibility and benefit you in many other ways.

If you receive frequent massages then ask about our massage maintenance program, you might earn 10% off your massage services!

This is what Regan P. had to say about her experience:

“My husband and I always enjoy our massages at Tranquil vibe. The surroundings are relaxing and the staff is very pleasant. I have had massages with several of the therapists there. Each have their own style, and I enjoy them all. I would recommend this spa highly….”

Our Bloomington day spa massage services include:

Relaxation Massage (light to med. pressure) 30 min. $60 | 45 min. $75 | 60 min. $90 | 90 min. $120
This classic Swedish style massage utilizes techniques to reduce tension, increase circulation and induce relaxation. Great to unwind or as an introductory massage.

Integrative Massage (light to med. pressure) 30 min. $60 | 45 min. $75 | 60 min. $90 | 90 min. $120
Your therapist will use a combination of different massage and bodywork techniques, while addressing specific concerns to relieve strain and stress in targeted areas of the body.

Deep Tissue Massage (med. to firm pressure) 30 min. $70 | 45 min. $90 | 60 min. $105 | 90 min. $150
This deeper style of massage utilizes special techniques that focus on treating muscles and muscle groups in their entirety to relieve stress and tension.  Recommended for those who receive regular body work.

Sports Massage (light to firm pressure) 30 min. $70 | 45 min. $90 | 60 min. $105 | 90 min. $150
Sports massage is geared towards the physically active and has tremendous benefits, such as better performance and recovery time.  Regardless if you are an athlete, weekend warrior or just live an active life style, sports massage is essential after muscle exertion to relieve stiffness and soreness. Our Sports Massage combines a light to firm pressure massage with stretching and targeted cooling and/or heating therapies for specific muscle concerns.

Hot Stone Massage (light to med. pressure) 60 min. $105 | 90 min. $150
Experience deep restorative rest through tension releasing massage techniques, combines with heated basalt stones. This method gently glides warm smooth stones over the body releasing stress and tension in the muscles.

Prenatal Massage (light to med. pressure) 30 min. $60 | 45 min. $75 | 60 min. $90
A soothing relaxation massage for the mom to be. Expectant mothers can relax in comfort and safety as muscle aches, fatigue, and water retention melt away.
You may start receiving postpartum massages(any of the above massages qualify) as soon as you feel comfortable.  If you have any maternal complications, please consult with your medical practitioner first.
See the American Pregnancy Association website for more information.

Massage for Two/Couples Massage Choose from any of our massage therapies and share the experience. Price will vary based on massage service as well as length of time selected.

Hot Towel Add-on: Add $10
Hot towels infuse heat deep into muscles creating even greater tension relief. Tension areas such as, back, neck and shoulders are wrapped in heated, comforting towels. A great compliment to any massage!

For that special gift of relaxation, add just the right touch from our available caramels, cheesecake bites, chocolate covered strawberries, truffles or flowers.  A minimum of 72 hours notice is required to add these items to a service. These items must be prepaid and are non-refundable.  Call our spa, 812-287-8024, for pricing and to place your order.


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