Massage Therapy or Medication? Which is better for back pain?

Lower back pain and massage.

Massage Therapy Reduces Low Back Pain

Massage therapy vs the drug companies!  Massage therapy holds promise for low back pain!

Ahh, low back pain, the leading cause of physical activity limitation and work absence throughout the world.  I have had it, you have had it and probably every person you know has had it at some time in thier life.  Some people go thier whole lives with back pain.  The question that remains is, how do I manage my back pain? Should I take medication that can have serious side effects?  The list of side effects that the most popular drugs come with is scary.  There are far too many to list here, so check out these links to read for yourself, Motrin, Tylenol, Aleve and Advil.  These are just your everyday off the shelf medicines that most poeple use and they don’t even compare to the high end over the counter medications.

So, what is the alternative you ask?  Well, that is an easy and lengthy answer, but, with respect to your reading time, I will keep it short. There are many alternatives out there to help ease back pain and maybe even forego it.  Massage, yoga, staying physically active and fit, stretching on a normal basis and correct posture are just a few of the many avenues you could take to keeping your back healthy and happy!  Now, as I said earlier, we have all had back pain, so let’s focus on helping that back pain with massage therapy and its many wonderful benefits.

We all know that massage is relaxing and reduces stress and anxiety, but it also excels at reducing muscle tension, stiffness and pain.  Just think about all those times, especially this time of year, that you shoveled snow and then oops, there went your back.  Or the time you bent over to pick something up, or turned just the wrong way.  There are many opportunites that we invite into our lives to do something not so nice to our back.  So, now that you are there and your back is hurting, don’t turn to the medications, turn to massage and its multilayered healing benefits.  For some great research on this subject visit NCCAM.

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