Massage Therapy as “medicine”.

...massage therapy is great preventative medicine.

Massage therapy as “medicine”

By Eric Linder, Tranquil Vibe Day Spa

How many times have you had a sore back, stiff neck, tired legs or just a plain ole’ headache?  Along with those aches and pains, how many times did you take some sort of medication to “ease” the pain and suffering? Now the better question would be this, how many times do you get a massage to not only manage, but possibly get rid of your daily pains and aches?  There are some great studies out there that are showing the field of medicine coming more inline with what we have known for centuries, massage therapy can actually heal what those pills only mask.  Here is a great Health Magazine article that cites from several major sources about the health benefits of Massage Therapy as well as several links of interest:

Read this article – Massage: It’s real medicine

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