Another great review on YELP!

H. T. from Nashville, TN. had this to say on Yelp!

I recently came in town for a visit, and my family and I really wanted to check this place out. As soon as we walked in there was a sense of peace- “tranquility” if you will. A certain calm takes you over that is really hard to describe.

Once we entered we were given a tour. Since we had never been this was a great way to see what they had to offer, and get a sense of what we would get if we scheduled an appointment. I personally had never seen anything like it. All the rooms are beautiful and well designed for multiple services at a time which only aides in the relaxation of it all. So once we were given the grand tour we had to get something done…it was too good to resist.

This place is amazing. We were able to schedule various services including: massages, a facial, and hydrotherapy session. Everything we received was amazing! They were very flexible with scheduling, and everyone in my family felt like jello when we left. Thank you all at Tranquil Vibe for such an awesome experience! We will be back very soon!

Thanks H. T. !

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