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Custom Airbrush Tan:

A tanning specialist will apply a flawless application of tanning solution. The results are instant and amazing!  Tranquil Vibe’s precise application is provided by a professionally trained and certified Spray Tan Technician that will take you through our consultation process to find the perfect color and tone for your skin.  After a fine mist of tanning solution is evenly applied, you will be dried with warm air leaving you with that fresh off the beach look!  Our spray tanning products are free of parabens, gluten, sulfates and nut allergens.  These products are also non-comedogenic and 100% Vegan.

Just recently I went to see Christine for a spray tan. Can we get real for a second? Being naked in front of a stranger is the stuff of nightmares. This girl is just so sweet, so lighthearted about the whole experience. I will never go into a booth or try a DIY tan again! I loved the product they used at Tranquil Vibe. It smelled nice, came with specific care instructions and lasted 5-6 days on me (an obsessive showerer). I was amazed at how affordable it was too!…


Spray tan prep and maintenance…

Spray Tan frequently asked questions…

Airbrush Tan:  Our Airbrush Technicians will help you choose the best spray tan color based on your individual skin tone.  Whether we go with a sun-kissed bronze tan, resulting in a “just off the beach glow” or an exotic bronze with violet undertones of the European Riviera, you will walk out with the tan that is uniquely you!

Express tan’s must be rinsed off within 1-4 hours after application.

Original tan’s must be rinsed off within 18-24 hours after application.

$35   Full Body Express
$30   Full Body Original
$25   Half Body Express
$22   Half Body Original
$17   Face, Neck and Decollete Express
$15   Face, Neck and Decollete Original

Each of our spray tanning sessions includes pH balancing and moisture seal treatments to enhance your color results and hydrate the skin!

Packages/Series: Purchased at the spa.

$108  Monthly Spray, up to 4 spray sessions each month, 10% savings.
$126  Monthly Express Spray, up to 4 spray sessions each month, 10% savings.

Upgrade any monthly original package single session to an express for just $5.

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We are located on College Mall Rd across from Hobby Lobby and Kroger, directly across the street from Five Guys Burgers and Big Red Liquor and are in the same building as Jackson Creek Dental.