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Infrared Sauna, it’s good for a sweat and for your good health!

For hundreds of years, sitting in a hot sauna has been the cornerstone of good health and longevity in many countries.  While that is all good and well, science is now proving that Infrared Saunas are taking that favorite past time to a whole new level of health and wellness.  Health problems ranging from Respiratory and Cardiovascular issues to Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Pain Relief and Joint Issues can be addressed in varying ways with regular sessions in an Infrared Sauna.

Here are a few areas, with scientifically proven results, that an Infrared Sauna can help with:

Sleep Issues
Respiratory Issues
Joint pain and Inflammation
Skin Issues
Weight Loss
Lower Blood Pressure
Improved Circulation
Detoxification of your skin and body

Here are some great articles and research materials to read through for a better understanding of what Infrared Saunas can do for you!

Sauna Bathing: a warm heart proves beneficial
Infrared Saunas and how they are a valuable tool for your health!

Infrared Sauna Pricing:(Non-Membership Pricing)

15 Minute Infrared Sauna: $15
30 Minute Infrared Sauna: $25
45 Minute Infrared Sauna: $35
60 Minute Infrared Sauna: $45

Is just one session not what you are looking for?  Take a look at our Sauna Membership pricing below!  Not only will you get a great price on multiple sauna sessions, but, you will also receive discounts on all other services we offer in our day spa!  Talk to one of our Spa Coordinators about joining.  No obligations, no contracts.

5 x 30 Minute Sessions:    $100(Save $5 per session!)

10 x 30 Minute Sessions:  $150(Save $10 per session!)

16 x 30 Minute Sessions:  $200(Save half off per session!)

Don’t want to do just 30 minutes?  Combine two 30 minute sessions for a full hour at that same great price!

All Sauna Memberships come with a 10% discount on all other services as well.

All Sauna Memberships are recurring charges each month.

If the monthly membership is not for you, buy one of our Sauna Series!  It is quick and easy with the same great price of the monthly membership!

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