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Stress affects the skin of the body, much the same as it does the mind and spirit.  Through Massage Therapy we target the mind and spirit, with Spa Therapy, we cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. Spa Therapy sugar scrubs remove damaged skin, polish away impurities, leaving it smooth, glowing, and supple. Spa Therapy muds and clays remineralize, rehydrate and renew the skin, cleansing it of impurities.

Alaska Glacial Mud Body Masque 60 Minutes $95 | With 30 Minute Relaxation Massage $135
A wonderful detoxifying body wrap, this warm mineral rich mud enriches and nourishes your skin, while heat from the wrap releases toxins from the body.

Warm Pumpkin Body Masque 60 Minutes $95 | With 30 Minute Relaxation Massage $135
Pumpkin is one of the most powerful creations of Mother Nature and nowhere is that more evident than in this soothing body masque. The natural enzymes in organic pumpkin dissolve dead cells as the gentle blend of powdered honey and detoxifying clay draws toxins from the skin. Coconut milk deeply nourishes tired tissue as you enjoy a burst of warmth when the masque is mixed and applied. You’ll notice softer, visibly renewed skin after just one application.

Strawberries and Cream Body Masque 60 Minutes $95 | With 30 Minute Relaxation Massage $135
Luscious Strawberries blend with with Argiletz rose clay and powdered buttermilk to create an amazing masque designed to soften and renew tired skin as it boosts brightness.  The naturally occurring vitamins in milk strengthen the tissues as fruit acids encourage cell renewal for a healthier overall complexion.

Sea Kelp and Green Tea Body Masque 60 Minutes $95 | With 30 Minute Relaxation Massage $135
Moroccan Rhassoul Clay combined with a nourishing botanical blend of sea kelp and green tea extracts will deep clean your skin to purge away grime and restore your skin’s natural clarity.  A high concentration of exotic clays remove toxins and impurities, refining skin texture as it tones and replenishes minerals essential to healthy skin.


Organic Sugar Scrubs 60 Minutes $95 | With 30 Minute Relaxation Massage $135

Our selection of natural, pure cane sugar body polishes are a creamy blend of nourishing oils and organic butters that will exfoliate and soften your skin to a healthy glow.  Followed by a hydrating moisturizer, your skin will look radiant and feel satiny smooth and refreshed.

Pumpkin Glow – Packed with enzymes, pumpkin pulp is combined with pumpkin seeds and warm, aromatic essential oils for a soothing treat.

Peruvian Cocoa– This decadent chocolate body scrub is created with organic Dagoba chocolate, French cocoa absolute and premium, golden cocoa butter for a 100% natural indulgence.

Cranberry-Yuzu– A luxurious combination of cranberry seeds, organic shea butter, sunflower and coconut oils with an intoxicating citrus fragrance.

Coconut & Lemongrass– Crushed coconut husks, organic lemongrass mingle with authentic Monoi de Tahiti oil, a delicate French Polynesian fusion of tropical flowers macerated in fresh coconut oil.

Green Tea & Crushed Rice– Antioxidant filled green tea extract, crushed rice, green tea leaves and bamboo powder combine in a Thai-inspired treat.


Your can find the finest spa therapy services right here in Bloomington, Indiana!


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