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Bloomington’s only fully enclosed Whole Body Cryotherapy unit!  Use the newest and safest technology for recovery from working out, stress, joint issues and inflammation!

I have been going to Tranquility Vibe Day Spa for some cryotherapy sessions followed by the hydro-massage table. The cryotherapy gives me relief from inflammation pain for a couple of days. Such a unique experience. The time in the cold goes by quick, and the equipment is state of the art. The hydro-massage table warms me right up afterward. Great combo!

First time Cryo is half off!  $25!


Cryotherapy, Individual session: $50

Buy a series and save!

4 Pack: $160 (Save $10 per session, to be used over 30 days)
8 Pack: $280 (Save $15 per session to be used over 30 days)
12 Pack: $360 (Save $20 per session to be used over 60 days)
16 Pack: $400 (Save 50% per session to be used over 60 days)

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Cryotherapy was developed in the late 1970’s as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Over the last 20 years cryotherapy has been used in Europe for treatment of various autoimmune and auto inflammatory diseases. During the last 5 years whole body cryotherapy (WBC) has been actively used in the United States. Professional sports teams, Olympic athletes, college sports teams, and of course celebrities, were the first to take notice of the amazing benefits of Cryotherapy. “Cryo” is much more effective than an ice bath and it provides users with a competitive advantage by increasing performance and decreasing recovery time along with the added benefits of improved sleep, accelerated metabolism, improved skin tone and improved mood. All in a non-invasive two to three minute session.

In Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), the customer is placed in a cryosauna or chamber and the body is hyper-cooled by a certified operator who monitors and regulates the chamber temperature to within the range of -160°F & -240°F. During the Cryotherapy treatment, the customer is required to wear underwear, socks, slippers and gloves. Once the customer steps into the cryosauna, communication with the operator is ongoing thru speakers inside the cryo chamber as well as thru a large window that may be lowered if needed for client comfort. The cryotherapy treatment is extremely effective and fast only lasting between one and three minutes.

Whole Body Cryo Therapy “WBC” is a fast and healthy process that accelerates the body’s natural recovery while improving overall well-being and energizing the body. Whole Body Cryotherapy is a non-invasive, hyper-cooling process that lowers a person’s skin temperature to approximately 30 F during a session of up to three minutes. While inside the Cryosauna, the body is exposed to temperatures of between -160°F and -240°F. The Cryotherapy treatment triggers a release of endorphins that induces analgesia (immediate pain relief.  When the body is subjected to extreme cold; the constriction of blood vessels pulls the body’s blood away from the extremities and into the core of the body to protect the body’s thoracic cavity. This process releases a reserve of enzymes and nutrients including power-pumping oxygen into the blood. Upon exiting the Cryosauna, blood vessels dilate to 4x their normal size to allow maximum blood flow back to the extremities, sending the nutrient and oxygen rich blood with it. What makes this therapy unique is that it treats numerous chronic and acute inflammatory disorders. The science is researched based and has been used safely since 1982 although the modality is still in its infancy here in the United States.

Cryotherapy Benefits Include:

– Reduces inflammation –

– Improves Skin Tone & skin disorders –

– Decreases recovery time –

– Increases performance –

– Improved mood –

– Helps you sleep better –

– Increases metabolism –

– Accelerates healing and workout recovery –

– Boosts the immune system –

– Increases energy level –

– Relieves pain associated with chronic pain –


Extreme cold has been used in wellness and health care for centuries. The idea behind exposing the body to an ice bath or using ice packs is a perfect example. Japan began using cryotherapy to treat rheumatoid arthritis in 1978. Its continued development into health and wellness now promotes a much higher quality of life.


Chronic, rampant inflammation throughout the body is aging us and is the precursor to a myriad of diseases, which include heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and diabetes, to name a few.

With Whole Body Cryotherapy, the flame through the entire body is reduced and in some instances, put out.  Whole Body Cryotherapy reduces inflammation, promotes rapid healing and minimizes pain.


Successful, permanent weight loss only occurs with an increase in metabolism. In the Whole Body Cryochamber, the outer layer of skin’s temperature is reduced to between 41°F and 50°F. Your body responds by a boost in your metabolism and literally “burns” up calories by speeding up to literally “warm you up.”

Repeated exposure with our Whole Body Cryotherapy results in an elevated metabolism 24/7. Translation, you are burning MORE calories each and every day.


There have been numerous studies that show just 2-3 minutes of Whole Body Cryotherapy is beneficial to those who suffer from depression, anxiety or both.

The reason for this response is attributed to hormonal benefits that occur as a result of the Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments.


Rheumatism has been treated using whole-body cryotherapy (WBCT) since the 1970s. The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy of WBCT as an experimental, adjunctive method of treating depressive and anxiety disorders.

Materials and Methods:

A control (n=34) and a study group (n=26), both consisting of outpatients 18–65 years old with depressive and anxiety disorders (ICD-10), received standard psychopharmacotherapy. The study group was additionally treated with a series of 15 daily visits to a cryogenic chamber (2–3 min, from –160°C to –°C). The Hamilton’s depression rating scale (HDRS) and Hamilton’s anxiety rating scale (HARS) were used as the outcome measures.


After three weeks, a decrease of at least 50% from the baseline HDRS-17 scores in 34.6% of the study group and 2.9% of the control group and a decrease of at least 50% from the baseline HARS score in 46.2% of the study group and in none of the control group were noted.


These findings, despite such limitations as a small sample size, suggest a possible role for WBCT as a short-term adjuvant treatment for mood and anxiety disorders.





Relax, Recover, Repeat

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